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The Most Extraverted Introvert You’ll Ever Meet

I sometimes have this onset of conflicting emotions towards social interactions with my peers and collogues. I will make plans with my friends, then leading up to the day of actually hanging out, would want to bail and cancel. The obligation to project this Chelsea that my friends know, and love, has at times gotten me down. I’m the type of person where when I’m quiet and to myself, those closest to me will assume somethings wrong and ask me a ton of questions or try and coax me into socializing, and the ones that are causal acquittances at work, assume I have an attitude or something.

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“The Chelseable Future”

“ in/for the foreseeable future”

  • at a time that is not long from now soon

“ thing that will remain consistent, is that I will always have something to be thankful for in my life.”

— Chelsea Filmore.

   Considering that I spend a good 80% of my day lost in my own thoughts, daydreaming about various random things, which I’m sure I’m not the only one, I usually meditate on my foreseeable future. 

What is your foreseeable future? Let’s start with breaking down the definition provided by our good old friend Merriam-webster. 

foreseeable adjectivebeing such as may be reasonably anticipated. OR lying within the range for which forecasts are possible.

Now let’s explore the idiom of the rather familiar phrase:

“ in/for the foreseeable future”

: at a time that is not long from now soon

   Now whether you are religious or not, I was raised to not just believe in a thing called luck, but to believe in a higher power. I.e.: Jesus. Ever hear of the expression “Jesus Take the Wheel”? Well that’s us asking Him to take over our lives for us and to work everything out on our behalf with the assumption that we will have full faith and confidence in Him to do so. 

I Am A Work In Progress

   These last few years, I’ve really have to change my mindset and get back to this mentality that I am not fully in control no matter how hard I try. Regaining this mindset has also led me to this practice and mantra, that blessings are expected for the foreseeable future. I believe that our mouths have power and speaking positivity into your life and the lives of those around you, will manifest positive results.

   Now why did I add my name “Chelsea” into the idiom/title for my blog? Well because I’m extra AF! Okay, all laughs aside. I thought about not only the benefits of having my name incorporated somewhere into my blog title for recognition and the direction I would like to grow this blog in, but also because I am a part of my foreseeable future. 

As busy as life gets, and let me tell you, this year alone it has been incredibly busy for me, I can’t forget to invest in myself. I am a work in progress, and I am still improving in my religion, finances, and various work and social skills.

Invest in yourself!

However, one thing that will remain consistent is that I will always have something to be thankful for in my life. For the “Chelseable future” I see myself receiving blessings that will happen out in the open, behind closed doors, or in disguise. All of them I give thanks for as I live and figure out this thing called life.